• Madison Mosbaugh

    Werewolf Pack RA, Yay or Nay

    Posted by Madison Mosbaugh April 11 - 14 votes - 40 views
    Okay look, I've found this listing for a werewolf pack reverse adopt. It's awesome, I've wanted something like this for years. I want to buy it while the sale lasts or else it's kinda expensive. I've nagged my spirits on it over and over, they keep saying no and that I should improve my abilities. I respect that, it's just nagging me REALLY BAD! I mean, come on, protective and cute yet blood c
  • A Magical  Frog

    How big is your spirit family?

    Posted by A Magical Frog February 16 - 26 votes - 71 views
    Let's try this again, with the correct numbers this time LOL Self- explanatory, how big is your spirit family? This includes vessels and unbound spirit friends.
  • Madison Mosbaugh

    Have You Thought of Switching Religions Due To Spirit Keeping?

    Posted by Madison Mosbaugh February 14 - 22 votes - 54 views
    Just a yes or no question, nothing personal to keep everyone private. I've always wondered if spirit keeping has ever influenced one's spiritual stance on things. It certainly has for me, but not anything as far as switching. What is your stance?
  • 11th Primarch

    Create a poll?

    Posted by 11th Primarch December 19, 2016 - 6 votes - 93 views
    This is a poll about creating a poll.
  • Beloved E

    Personality Type

    Posted by Beloved E August 6, 2016 - 15 votes - 212 views
    I'm curious as to which personality types may be most common amongst spirit keepers. If you know your MBTI, vote below :-). Thank you.
  • Alexandra Melitta

    Changing The Name

    Posted by Alexandra Melitta May 2, 2016 - 17 votes - 221 views
    All of us at MoonSpiritBoutique have been thinking about changing our shop name to something a bit more relevant. What do you think?
  • Alikat Loves Monsters

    Have You Done Black Magic

    Posted by Alikat Loves Monsters April 19, 2016 - 22 votes - 250 views
    Okay so I was wondering how many people have done Black magic or are interested. Have you done black magic?
  • Beloved E

    What's the first spirit category you always click on?

    Posted by Beloved E April 17, 2016 - 43 votes - 210 views
    When you visit a spirit shop online, what's the first category of spirits you always seem to have to check first?
  • Pandora Chaos, Romantic Princess

    Karma and the Rule of three

    Posted by Pandora Chaos, Romantic Princess April 11, 2016 - 37 votes - 252 views
    Same guidelines for all my polls go here. Don't start a war over it, and everyone's entitled to their opinions. Now...do you believe in Karma or not? And why or why not?
  • Pandora Chaos, Romantic Princess

    Spirit/Entity Marriage

    Posted by Pandora Chaos, Romantic Princess April 10, 2016 - 51 votes - 372 views
    Firstly...DO NOT START A WAR OVER THIS POLL. This is a simple question, and I don't want to see one person overreact and ruin it for everyone else. I saw a thread on the forum that quickly got derailed with misunderstandings, so I thought I'd put this question to PE and see what you guys think. Should people focus so much on "marrying" their spirits or entities? Note I say SHOULD and not CAN. I'm